Professional STEM Coaching

STEM PowHer Hour

The STEM PowHer Hour is a private, one-hour coaching call with Dr. Toshia intended to help you address any challenges, fears, and frustrations you are currently facing in your STEM Career.

During your private, 1-on-1 coaching session, you can address any topic you like. ​

Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.

STEM Professional
Coaching Program

This coaching program offers early to mid-career minority women in STEM the opportunity to develop their personal and professional goals. During the program, a goal assessment will be given and analyzed to assist in the development of a personal career guide that can be used for career advancement. They will also create marketing materials (resume and letters), develop a job search strategy, and engage in interview coaching exercises.

This package includes:

More information is given once consultation is booked and goal assessment is taken.

STEM Leadership
Coaching Program

This Coaching Program is for those minority women who are mid-career (5-15 yrs) in STEM. You might be thinking of shifting into leadership or a different industry or to entrepreneurship. I will assist you to define the key elements of your career development profile, such as personal and professional goals, career skill development assessment, leadership profile, personality preferences, interests, values, and skills. This package includes:

STEM Group Mastermind Sessions

This group session will bring together like minded women in the STEM space that want to improve their professional standing. We will use the expertise in the room to assist all members in the development of a personal and professional statement of growth with measurable goals and objectives. We will hold each other accountable for the advancement of the growth statement goals and objectives. We will meet at least twice a month to discuss next steps and get updates. We will also gain new knowledge from experts outside of the group. Each group member will be assigned an accountability partner that will agree to walk with them through this journey.

STEM Speaker Series for Schools and Corporations

A series of speaker engagements around a particular subject chosen by the school or corporation. I will find and engage all speakers for the event. I will handle all of the speaker information including making sure that they are where they are to be, payments, green room items. I will be the intermediacy between the organization and the speaker.